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Interestingly, WHO'S WHO has been held to be a generic term for biographical directories. Like WEBSTER'S for dictionaries, anyone can publish a "Who's Who" directory, and several companies do. The original, however, was published in 1899 by A.N. Marquis (who obviously lacked competent trademark counsel), and the company he founded, Marquis Who's Who, Inc., continues to be the best known and most respected publisher of such directories today. And unlike some of their competitors, Marquis still does not accept listing fees (though they'll do their best to get you to buy a directory).

Rod is listed in several Marquis publications, including Who's Who In The World ® and Who's Who In American Law ®. Heck, he was even in Who's Who Among American High School Students once, but you'd have to dig up an edition from thirty years ago to prove it.

Marquis directories are accessible online only through subscription, but you can learn more about their publications here.

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