To learn more about us and our work, we encourage you to contact one or more of the following client references:


Karen Leetzow,
Assistant General Counsel,
Intellectual Property and Competition
(386) 681-4319

General Electric Company

Kathryn Barrett Park,
Senior Counsel, Advertising
and Brand Management
(203) 373-2655  

Reed Elsevier Properties Inc.

Renee Simonton,

(302) 429-6951

Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, Inc.
Haney H. Bell,
VP and General Counsel
(505) 438-1335 

Motorsports Authentics, LLC

J. Thomas Warlick IV
General Counsel &
VP of Business Affairs

(704) 454-4098

Lance, Inc.

Edward H. Schuth
Associate General Counsel
(704) 557-8143

All of the above appear here by permission.

This is a little unorthodox, but we also think we could not have a better reference than that contained in an Order issued by the Southern District of New York in a case Rod tried there.  The Court observed on the record in this “novel and complex” case that the attorneys “demonstrated the highest level of experience, expertise and ability in litigating this action,” and commented specifically about Rod that he has “extensive commercial litigation experience, primarily in matters relating to marketing and distributing consumer products,” and that he is “in history, experience and performance a large firm lawyer.”  We choose to believe that she meant that in a good way. 

Click here to see the full opinion.

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