Welcome to the website for Enns & Archer LLP. We are lawyers who work in what we call "the law of branded products." To learn more about us and what we do, please click below.

By the way, you'll notice that we don't have a separate "Terms Of Use" or "Disclaimers" or "Legal Fine Print" page. (You'd think most law firms would know better. Who's going to actually look at a page called something like that?)

We assume that if you can operate a computer, you're bright enough to know that (a) just looking at our web site doesn't mean we represent you, and (b) when we wrote everything that's on here, we had no clue what your specific circumstances are or how the law might apply to them.

So we'll only say this: Feel free to read, copy, download and use anything you find here. If you pass on anything we did to someone else, please keep it in the form you found it, and keep our name on it.*

If you can live with that, click HERE to enter.

* Yes, we know that waives all our copyrights except the right of attribution, but we don't expect people to hire us just to get access to our word processor.

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