Doing Business On The Internet

Fortunately, the business world appears to have moved past both the euphoria of the late 1990s, when many seemed to regard an internet presence as a license to print money without regard to sound business fundamentals, and the overreactive despair of the "dot com crash" that followed. The internet now seems to be assuming the role it should have had all along: as a tool that companies evaluate and deploy when and as appropriate to achieve most effectively the overall objectives of the business.

To be competitive, then, virtually every company must be an informed and strategic user of the internet. While the internet will not necessarily dictate the business plan for many companies outside the technology sector itself, it will be the rare business indeed for which the internet does not offer opportunities to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, opportunities which cannot be ignored if the enterprise is to remain competitive.

We are well-positioned to provide the legal support our clients need to function effectively in the online world. We have experience both in representing technology companies that provide internet-related services, and in guiding mainstream companies in their relations with technology providers. As in other aspects of their business, we help clients forge and document sound relationships and intelligently manage legal risks in the online context, including the negotiation and preparation of application service provider agreements, website hosting agreements, software development contracts, website terms of use and privacy policies, and other such agreements.

For more detail on the legal issues companies face in the online arena, see Rod's paper, "Intellectual Property Issues Inherent In Online Commerce".

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